What is a logo?

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In many cases logo is the first choice of your company to make an impression with prospective clients.

A logo is made up of 2-3 components – Logotype, Icon and sometimes a Slogan.

Logotype is the unique typeface or fonts used to depict name of your company. It is graphically correct to limit to two fonts within a logo design. The typeface should not be too complicated or stylized, so that it is legible, at any size.

Icon is the symbol or brand mark that represents your company. A logo icon is essential part of your logo design. Many established brands simply use their icon as logo without any typeface or slogan. As such, icon can be described as most vital part of your logo. The design should be a unique and simple icon that represents business, vision and purpose of your company.

Slogan or tagline of logo is either a brief description of your company or a phrase suggesting what your company does. It is deemed necessary for companies or brands that are new in the market. Even some established brands use slogans and change them periodically in response to market demand.

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